Mencor was founded in 2013 to provide IT and related business services.

Mencorís directors have over 40 years combined experience in Information Communication and Technology solutions. Our core values of honesty and integrity are entrenched in our business practices.

Mencor is a very driven company and always stays one step ahead of the competition. In order to ensure we deliver the best value, we provide our clients with the most up to date information in order to support strategic business decisions as well as effective solutions development.

We follow very specific analytical and methodological approaches to problem analysis and solutions development. It is our belief that our direct approach provides the best insight into problem domains and business areas as it is from within that realm that a better customised solution can be developed. There is no one size fits all solution; each client is unique with specific requirements to their own business domain.

Mencorís speciality incorporates customised solutions for specific business requirements, with a specific focus on cost saving and futuristic expansion. This ensures our clients receive value for money and continue to make use of our services.