Process Automation

AutomateWorkflow Robin has always had a passion for automation. He says, "I thoroughly enjoy building the logic behind the process button or whatever it is. The nice thing is that when I'm done, I also have the satisfaction of giving someone a few hours back in their day to do something more productive ... and leave the computers do what computers are best designed to do."

For desktop automation, driving a client workstation, I have achieved simple tasks using AutoIT freeware but have had much greater success using Macro Scheduler.  The MacroScript is extensive and easy to learn. On top of that it offers an image recognition library, support for VBScript, database access, system API calls and more.
The image recognition library has made it possible for me to emulate user action and confirm results across applications. It is a no-brainer for testing all kinds of results during GUI Testing.
But don't just take my word for it, see this Joel on Software discussion for opinions and endorsements from other users

Business Process Automation

One of the Mencor focus areas is in helping customers migrate from manual processes to an automated environment, with special focus on ensuring it be a paperless environment.
We hope to be able to assist you to consolidate all those distributed spreadsheets and centralise the intellectual property residing in remote locations.